New Online Store Launch!!

New Online Store Launch!!

Hey everyone! Missed me? I’ve missed you too!

Your little Crazy Latina has been busy busy busy at the workshop cooking up something super spicy!  I have received so many inquiries from a lot of you asking me where can you find ingredients not found at your local markets, such as culantro/recao leaves for my now famous sofrito, to aji dulce peppers. I have gone to the extream as to getting these for you and shipping them.

WELL GOOD NEWS! I have partnered up with Tropical Foods here in New York to bring you just that! Apart from all the ingredients for making those special Sofritos, I have also began to jar MY OWN (CAN YOU FEEL THE EXCITEMENT IN MY VOICE) Sofrito, Sazon and Recaito. I also started packaging HEALTHY Adobo & Dried Sazon seasonings WITH NO CHEMICALS ADDED! Most of my ingredients are either Organic or 100% Natural with NO ADDED PRESERVATIVES!!!!

YOU ASKED FOR IT AND I DELIVERED!!!! How does Celia say… oh yeah “AZUCARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! Mira, cojelo con take it easy!”

Now until March 7th all orders placed will come with samples of Sofrito, Recaito, Fresh Sazon, Dried Sazon seasoning and Adobo. ORDER NOW!!!! Please Visit My Store @

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  1. Petrina Ulmer says:

    Hi there, I sent you an email on 4/2/2014 about purchasing some of your products and I have not gotten a reply yet. I was wanting to know how your perishables were shipped out here to the west coast? I did not want to place an order unless I heard from you, just in case your store was not still operating. Please let me know because I am excited to purchase some of your products.
    Petrina Ulmer

    • Please check your spam folder. I responded to that email immediately. I ship overnight, or second day in an appropriate insulated packaging.

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