The Posh Latin Cooks SAŹON is a HOT ITEM!!

The Posh Latin Cooks SAŹON is a HOT ITEM!!


Ever since Angie’s Review on my Saźon it’s been a hot seller! Patricia from Texas loves my seasoning mix so much she purchased FIVE yesterday! Go get yours today at The Posh Latin Cook Shop

Angie’s Review On TPLC’s Organically Super Healthy Saźon


  1. I have just ordered some of your sazon myself and cant wait to use it! Im so happy I stumbled upon your blog. I came back from Puerto Rico this past Tuesday and its been in the 30′s since I got here. I am missing that Puerto Rican sun so badly. I cant wait to try your recipe for chicken stew so that I can imagine myself back there. Im very curious if you have an authentic recipe for mofongo?

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