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People always ask me where I shop for my latin ingredients. It’s simple… On the internet. Most of my kitchen staples comes from a website. Everything delivered straight to my door. How convenient is that? When I need my most important staples, I run to my mothers neighborhood to pick-up some things that I can’t find here. For example; Recao, Yuca, Yautia, Green Bananas, stuff you can’t find around my prominantly dominated Irish/Italian neighborhood. For those that are living outside a latino community it’s best to start looking for Asian markets. You would never believe what you will find. You can even find recao since it’s a commonly used ingredient in their cultural food. Recao is Cilantros ugly sister. Asian markets know it by “Asian Parsley or Culantro”

Here are a list of online venders I use…

JC Troppicals – Here is where you can get every Puerto Rican Vegetable/Herb/Condiment/Spice you can think of.

MexGrocer – All your Mexican needs! – Another Puerto Rican Store. They have a Culantro “recao” paste that is to die for!

Stop&Shop Online – I’m too busy blogging. No tine-g to chop!

WILLIAMS-SONOMA – Oh don’t tell me you didn’t know they had a grocery dept! This is where I get ALL my spices!

WholeSpice – This is where I get all my refills for my cute WS Spice jars. Ah! Williams-Sonoma thought they were smart by hiding their spice source. BUT I OUTSMARTED THEM! HA HA HAHA! *Evil Grin*

Le Creuset – Not my mommas old cast iron “olla”

All-Clad – Continuously check their site. Websites with sales are constantly updated.

Vitamix Blenders – As a child I remember my mother needing a new blender ever other year. I learned from her mistakes. Buy a Vitamix blender and save money!

As I venture on this culinary journey, I will continue to add online stores as I see fit.


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  1. Are you going to post a recipe for those wrapped banana rolls? I think their called Pastelles? Also, coquito. Please thanks.

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